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2015 NFL Draft Scouting Combine

Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis, IN

For the 3rd year, fans were allowed in the secretive walls of Lucas Oil Stadium for this event. With no access to their cell phones or video boards, fans were each given a radio to catch all the action. Getting behind the scenes exclusive reporting from Marshall Faulk on commercial breaks, they were also treated to NFL Network. Watching Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota battle to be chosen number 1, fans got to watch 40 yard dashes, the infamous WR gauntlet drill, and much more! Not allowed to cheer or yell, their only link to the action was Live Sports Radio.

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2015 Super Bowl

Media Day

Talking Stick Arena – Phoenix, AZ

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined”
The Tuesday preceding each Super Bowl is usually filled with players giddy to talk to the media. This year, fans got to sit and laugh along with Marshawn Lynch. Each fan attending Media Day was given a radio when they entered. They had the option to switch between 8 different channels of audio, depending on the player or coach of their choice!


Radio Row

Phoenix Convention Center – Phoenix, AZ

Working with SiriusXM, Live Sports Radio provided 5 channels of radio for fans in the Convention Center. For the week leading up to the big game, fans checking out all of the activities could do so while tuning into one of the SiriusXM’s channels of choice.


Game Day

University of Phoenix Stadium – Glendale, AZ

As Live Sports Radio has become a staple at the NFL’s biggest game, fans knew where to look for live coverage! Radio users had the option of listening to the national radio call from Westwood One, the TV audio provided by NBC Sports, and the national Hispanic radio partner in Univision. LSR patrons were listening as all of the action unfolded in one of the most memorable Super Bowls to date!


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