About Us

Breeders Cup

Live Sports Radio bridges the gap between the in-venue and in-home experience by transmitting sporting event broadcasts LIVE, with NO DELAY, to a patented radio receiver in-venue. Our capabilities include the ability to;

  • Manufacture and sell branded, pre-tuned, radios
  • Obtain an FCC license, and provide the necessary equipment, to re-broadcast existing commentary live in-venue
  • Produce fully customizable broadcast content (in English and Spanish)
  • Incorporate RFID technology to drive on-site engagement, capture consumer data, build organic social media amplification and provide a robust database for real time measurement

We have worked with some of the top spectator events in the world to deliver an enhanced fan experience. Our technology is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality that is convenient, affordable and dependable. Click here to see some of the events we have been involved in.

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