Preview Your Logo on a Live Sports Radio

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The OneTune radio is most often used by sponsors looking to activate their sponsorship on-site. The OneTune is a small, ear mounted, radio that is pre-tuned to one event specific frequency. Each radio has four prominent branding opportunities on the box, radio, battery cover, and lanyard.



The ear mounted DualTune offers fans, and brands the ability to store and receive multiple frequencies on-site (i.e. radio, TV, Spanish…etc.). In addition to the on-site benefits of live event audio, the DualTune features an FM tuner for use after the event. Channel selection takes place via the up and down buttons and is displayed on a small LCD screen.


Like the DualTune Pendant, the TripleTune can feature multiple event broadcast, an FM tuner and noise isolating ear buds. In addition, the TripleTune includes an AM tuner and is powered by AAA batteries.



DualTune Pendant

The DualTune Pendant offers all of the same great benefits of the DualTune, while using noise isolating ear buds in place of an ear mounted speaker. Ear buds are included in the packaging, or a standard audio jack allows fans to use their favorite pair, if they prefer.

DualTune Hybrid

The DualTune Hybrid is a combination of the standard DualTune and DualTune Pendant. It offers the ear-mounted speaker as well as the standard 3.5mm headphone jack for earbud use to give you maximum flexbility. This also contains an FM tuner, and can hold multiple event frequencies (similar to the DualTune & DualTune Pendant).