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Live Sports Radio offers teams, leagues, and sponsors, a highly visible branding opportunity. Each radio has four unique branding locations designed to enhance your brand presence on-site. The pantone of the plastic is color matched to your liking, as is the main label, lanyard and packaging. Final artwork is a collaborative effort between LSR and each client.

Preview Your Logo on a Live Sports Radio

Use our free online tool to provide an idea of how your logo might look on a radio. Our team will work with you to create a finished product that meets all brand standards. Try it now.

Broadcast Services

In addition to re-broadcasting existing content on-site, Live Sports Radio also has the ability to develop a custom broadcast just for you… and thousands of your closest friends. We have the equipment, producers, and broadcast talent to create a branded broadcast unique to fans on-site. What better way to speak to your customers, than to talk to them directly?

Our custom broadcasts are a powerful alternative to standard network programming.

Click here for a sample of branded audio.

In addition to English programming, we have also produced event specific audio in Spanish at select venues.

RFID Integration

Through a strategic partnership Live Sports Radio now offers the option to embed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags into our radios during production. RFID is a powerful tool that allows our customers to measure engagement on-site, drive action, control access, elevate the brand presence online and view the results in real time.

Conferences / Meetings

Meeting and conferences are not sports, but we still love them. Our technology has been utilized at some of the largest conferences in the world to share audio throughout a building. Most conferences attendees are forced to make a decision on which session to attend. We take the guess work out of the debate by helping you multi-task. With our equipment in-venue you can listen in on multiple sessions at once.